How it´s possible for the workers to know the amount of the KAP-Steel-Waves?

With a special software modul, working with most CAD program, the KAP-Steel-Waves are placed in the twin wall.  The CAD is able to print for each element with the production drawings the exact amount for the waves. On top the waves are shown as mounting parts with dimensioning in horizontal and vertical direction.

What´s necessary for retract and storage?

Stripping the formwork is similar to the twin wall elements with lattice girder and needs same attention. No extra work is necessary. To store the twin wall with KAP-Steel-Wave is possible vertical as well as horizontal. Depending on the transport and delivery. 

The KAP-Steel-Wave is placed before or after concreting?

In different production are used different systems how to place the KAP-Steel-Wave. For this both opportunities are available.

How you place the KAP-Steel-Wave in the areas with mounting parts?

Most of the mounting parts will be recognised by the software module with a collision control and the waves will be placed nearby. If it´s not done automatically the engineer has always the opportunity to do this later.

What is necessary to turn into the second layer?

Twin wall elements with KAP-Steel-Wave will be turned depending on the production machine exactly like the known systems with lattice girder.

Where should be the KAP-Steel-Wave stored?

Delivering of the KAP-Steel-Wave is done on wooden pallets. The best will be to store the waves directly nearby the place in production where they are used in the working process.

How to fix the lifting anchor?

For fixing the lifting anchor, Kappema designed a tool. At the moment on the market are different system for lifting anchor. Using lifting anchor with feet, no tools are necessary, course the stand by their own.

Can you see the KAP-Steel-Wave on the surface of the wall?

No!! The KAP-Sticks are designed in such a way that they use the smallest possible area on the formwork table. This depends on the small radius of the bend and the diameter of 6 mm from the steel stick.

In which direction the KAP-Steel-Wave has to be placed?

Bending the KAP-Steel-Wave with an angle of 90° you create a V-form. To get no hollow space during concreting the wall at building side, it is important to place the KAP-Steel-Wave in the right direction. For this, the V form can be placed in all direction but never upside down, as a roof, course the concrete is not possible to fill completely this area.

Which size for the concrete layers?

The KAP-Steel-Wave has the advantage that with different concrete cover still the size for the layer will be the same.

How is the fitting of the KAP-Steel-Wave?

Place and number of KAP-Steel-Waves are fixed in the production papers by the design. On the production drawings the place for the waves is chained.