Which size for the concrete layers?

The KAP-Steel-Wave has the advantage that with different concrete cover still the size for the layer will be the same.


With all systems for lattice girder at the market it is necessary to change the size of the layer depending on the size of concrete cover and the reinforcement, as well as concrete cover for the lattice girder against pull out. Depending on this layers with 5 till 7.5 cm are needed. 


nom c = 3,5 cm

horizontal reinforcement, d = 10 mm

vertical reinforcement, d = 8 mm

down steel bar lattice girder, d = 6 mm

concrete cover down steel bar, min. 1,7 cm

total size for the layer = 76 mm

If the vertical reinforcement is placed in the lattice girder the size of the layer is reduced to 58 mm but with more time in the working process.