The KAP-Steel-Wave is placed before or after concreting?


In different production are used different systems how to place the KAP-Steel-Wave. For this both opportunities are available.


Fitting before concreting:

This way gives the advantage that the exact place for the wave can be fixed by a plotter or a laser on the formwork table. Also the KAP-Steel-Wave can be placed according to the reinforcement steel bars. Also mounting parts which will be covered by concreted can be seen at this time. It must be considered that in different production are used also different concreting machines. Involving this the KAP-Steel-Wave gets an impulse causing on the speed of the machine and the falling high of the concrete. If the concreting machine is used manual it is quiet easy to handle the concrete in the area of the waves.


Fitting after concreting:

The advantage for this is that the KAP-Steel-Waves can be placed exactly where it´s planed. For this way of using the waves it is normally necessary to use a laser to see the exact place. This way to place the waves is also normally only used for slim elements so it´s not necessary to step into the wet concrete.

Generally, in both ways the concrete must be compacting after placing the waves. During compacting the concrete there is no problem for the wave, course its hold by the concrete.