What is necessary to turn into the second layer?

Twin wall elements with KAP-Steel-Wave will be turned depending on the production machine exactly like the known systems with lattice girder.


Depending on the patented ends of the sticks, all reinforcement steel bars will be pushed aside, or if it´s a fixed reinforcement mesh the stick is such flexible that it can move on side of the steel.


Before turning the layer all pipes can be also taken out in horizontal direction of the element depending on the area for the KAP-Steel-Wave.


If the design for the elements was done perfect, also necessary for the lattice girder, a collision with mounting parts in the second layer is not possible.


The length of the KAP-Sticks is exactly the size of the wall. The sticks are produced with a tolerance of + 1 mm. So the size of the wall is always better than any tolerance fixed by the norm.

Using a vacuum turning table it is necessary to place some loops or hooks to lift the element and place on the vacuum table.