Can you see the KAP-Steel-Wave on the surface of the wall?


No !!

The KAP-Sticks are designed in such a way that they use the smallest possible area on the formwork table. This depends on the small radius of the bend and the diameter of 6 mm from the steel stick.


The touching area of the stick is covered by a small film of concrete milk. Course of this the KAP-Stick is not visible at the surface. Also after long years the stick can’t be seen at the surface.


To prevent corrosion at the surface of the wall elements the KAP-Sticks are made from stainless steel. If it´s necessary to use higher exposition class, the stainless steel is from higher quality.


The blue KAP-Steel-Wave is used for the exposition class XC0, XC1, XC2, XC3, XC4, XF1 and XF3.


Using the green KAP-Steel-Wave all exposition class are possible if there is no demand for the surface (fair faced concrete). With specific chemical attack on the concrete it is possible to get small brown spots depending on corrosion on the surface. Stainless steel is not getting bigger with corrosion, so no cracks or flacking is possible.


By using the red KAP-Steel-Wave we can eliminate such brown spots also and the wave can be used also for fair faced concrete walls.