How you place the KAP-Steel-Wave in the areas with mounting parts?


Most of the mounting parts will be recognised by the software module with a collision control and the waves will be placed nearby. If it´s not done automatically the engineer has always the opportunity to do this later.


Careful handling is necessary for mounting parts, which are placed only in one layer course they can clash with the KAP-Steel-Wave after turning.


In the area of openings, the waves should be placed that the minimum concrete cover is still remaining so the steel sheet from the wave can’t get corrosion.


A big advantage by using the KAP-Steel-Wave in production is that at any time it´s possible after turning the layer to grab between the layers. This is course the ways are only a punctual connection between the layers and not linear like the lattice girder. This makes it possible to take out pipes in horizontal direction or to place complete pipe systems between elements. Also it´s not possible to crash pipes with the upper steel bar from the lattice girder.