How is the fitting of the KAP-Steel-Wave?

Place and number of KAP-Steel-Waves are fixed in the production papers by the design. On the production drawings the place for the waves is chained.


At the moment the KAP-Steel-Waves are placed by hand. An automatically fitting by machine is possible but till now not used or created by the machine constructor.


Before placing the KAP-Steel-Wave the formwork and reinforcement is to be done. The concreting for the first layer can be done before or after placing the KAP-Steel-Waves.


With the first step all necessary KAP-Steel-Waves in packet with 30 pieces are placed on the formwork table near the elements. Open the packet. To get no confusion all waves are marked by a print with size and type of the wave.


Second step is to take several waves in one hand. With the second hand, the waves are folded on the hip in an angle of round 90°. With this you get a three point construction which can stand stable. Now the waves can be placed on the marked positions in the elements. This points are shown in the production papers as well as printed by plotter or laser.


To simplify the work it is helpful to place all waves in horizontal direction at the bottom of the element first. Next step is to make one vertical row. At least it is easy to fill the complete raster. Please take care, that the minimum distance from the joint is according to the approval. For the openings it is enough to have the necessary concrete cover.


Distance at joint:min.30 cm, max. 32,5 cm

Distance bottom: min. 5 cm, max. 20 cm

Distance opening: min. nom c

Distance top: max. 40 cm


Take care that the waves are folded and placed straight, so the sticks are in an upright position to the table course the sticks are used as distance holders for the wall. Other distance holders are no more necessary.


Course the KAP-Stick is fixed in the complete size of the layer it can take very high pull out forces. Therefor the KAP-Steel-Wave is totally independent of the reinforcement. There is no need to have reinforcement bars under the KAP-Steel-Wave. It´s also not necessary to place the wave over a crossing point from reinforcement. If you place the KAP-Steel-Wave before concreting please take care that the KAP-Sticks are not fixed in any way. So the waves can’t turn into the concrete.


Concreting can be done before or after placing the KAP-Steel-Waves. During compacting the concrete, it is possible that the waves move a bit. This is for the system absolutely not relevant.


For the handling with the KAP-Steel-Waves all well-known safety regulations are to be used. Especially it is necessary to use working gloves, course some parts of the KAP-Steel-Wave are very sharp. Course of the lightweight of the waves no lifting tools are necessary.