Where it´s possible to use the KAP-Steel-Wave?

The KAP-Steel-Wave can be used for all kind of buildings which enables also the use of double walls. Means for cellar, basement, industrial buildings, office buildings, also foundation and special buildings like harbour walls.

How many KAP-Steel-Waves are needed?

According the European approval ETA-15/0224, Kappema composite walls, the distance between the waves is fixed on a maximum of 80 cm. (center to center) 

Which layer size is necessary depending on concrete cover?

According the approval ETA-15/0224 it is possible to make the layers with 45 mm concrete or more.

Is it possible to place the KAP-Steel-Wave by CAD?

To simplify the planning with the KAP-Steel-Wave Kappema developed a software modul which can be connected with most CAD systems for precast industry on the market. The software enables to choose between different types of connectors for double walls and will place the waves automatically when creating the elements.

Is it possible to use the KAP-Steel-Wave in water proofed building parts?

The KAP-Steel-Wave is available also for building parts which are under water or water pressure. For this the KAP-Steel-Wave get on the stick a ring with 20 mm out of bitumen. The ring out of bitumen will stay half in the layer and half inside the filling concrete.