Is it possible to place the KAP-Steel-Wave by CAD?

To simplify the planning with the KAP-Steel-Wave Kappema developed a software modul which can be connected with most CAD systems for precast industry on the market. The software enables to choose between different types of connectors for double walls and will place the waves automatically when creating the elements. All openings will be recognized by the software and the waves will be placed on side. It is also possible to change the filling speed for the walls. The software will place automatically more waves. Anyway the placement for the waves should be controlled for each element manual. If necessary it´s possible to displace each single wave. Each wave has a dynamic sign in the drawing which is fixed on the wall size.


The dynamic signs for the software can be ordered from Kappema. All necessary list for the production and accounting are connected with the software. So every person working on the project gets the documents as known.


The software model can be ordered with costs from Kappema sales.