Which layer size is necessary depending on concrete cover?

According the approval ETA-15/0224 it is possible to make the layers with 45 mm concrete or more.


Depending on this the layers can be made with minimum concrete as long as the reinforcement is covered by concrete and so fixed in it. The KAP-Steel-Wave has no contact with the reinforcement and is a separate part in the wall.


With concrete cover of 35 mm for an outside element horizontal steel bars with 10 mm diameter and vertical steel bars with 8 mm a layer with 55 mm will be enough. The KAP-Steel-Wave is placed in this situation between the inside reinforcement and on top of the outside steel bars. Using lattice girder the layer has to be minimum 76 mm if the horizontal reinforcement isn´t placed inside the lattice girder. Using this system the layer must have still a size of 58 mm depending on the concrete cover inside for the lattice girder with 16 mm.


If bigger concrete cover or bigger diameter of the steel bars makes it necessary to use layers with more than 55 mm it is possible to get the KAP-Steel-Wave also with different distance from the wave to the stick ends.