Where it´s possible to use the KAP-Steel-Wave?

The KAP-Steel-Wave can be used for all kind of buildings which enables also the use of double walls. Means for cellar, basement, industrial buildings, office buildings, also foundation and special buildings like harbour walls.


Depending on the requirements of the double wall different types of KAP-Steel-Wave can be used:

The blue KAP-Steel-Wave for the exposition class:

XC0, XC1, XC2, XC3, XC4, XF1, XF3

The green KAP-Steel-Wave for all exposition classes with limitations on sight concrete.

The red KAP-Steel-Wave for all exposition classes without any limitations.


Also each of these KAP-Steel-Waves is available in waterproofed execution. According the report of Baustoffprüfstelle Bodensee it is waterproofed till a hydraulic pressure of 5 bar.


Course of the big space in horizontal the KAP-Steel-Wave can be used in seismic zones by using the patented system from Kappema for reinforcement caches at the joint or corner. At the moment the KAP-Wave system is the only system on the market which is tested for double walls in seismic zones and fulfills all parameter according Eurocode 8, TEC and ATC. Further information you will find in the approval ETA-15/0224.