How do the KAP-Steel-Wave perform by hitting the starter bars?

Placing double wall elements on building side gives always a few bigger problems to solve out. Especially if the starter bars have a bigger diameter, short distance or a high length the elements are difficult to bring down course it hits the diagonal of the lattice girder.

How fast it´s possible to fill up wall elements with KAP-Steel-Wave?

Like all other double wall systems on the market the speed for filling the concrete in the element depends on the numbers of connectors between the layers, the possible force against pull out and the hydrostatic pressure of the concrete on the other side which is calculated out of the filling high and consistency.

How it´s possible to turn the elements?

Turning the high wall elements free hanging is possible at any time on building side. The different is only if the transport was horizontal or vertical.

How to transport double wall elements with KAP-Steel-Wave?

Double wall elements with KAP-Steel-Wave can be transported horizontal as well as vertical. Both opportunities needs load securing according the local safety regulations. For all double wall elements with more than 50 cm size we recommend the vertical transport.

How to assemble the double wall elements with KAP-Steel-Wave?

Assembling of double wall elements with KAP-Steel-Wave is  done as you know from the systems with lattice girder. No additional work is needed. Follow all local safety regulations for handling and assembling of high weight elements.