How it´s possible to turn the elements?

Turning the high wall elements free hanging is possible at any time on building side. The different is only if the transport was horizontal or vertical.


Vertical transport:

To turn the wall elements it is necessary to place two seperate lifting anchor which can take also diagonal loads. On top you need a roll for the chain to balance the weight between all lifting anchors. This ensure that all lifting anchor have to carry the same load.


Horizontal transport:

We recommend for high wall elements first to turn the elements over the short side into a vertical position. Then you can continue as described before.


If you want to lift the element direct from the horizontal position it is necessary to fix on a threaded sleeve with hook which is placed in the layer. Now you fix the lifting chain on top at the lifting anchor and also on the threaded sleeve with a balanced chain. The bottom of the wall element will stay on the ground. The threaded sleeve need a structural calculation and must be fixed according this calculation in the concrete layer.