How do the KAP-Steel-Wave perform by hitting the starter bars?

Placing double wall elements on building side gives always a few bigger problems to solve out. Especially if the starter bars have a bigger diameter, short distance or a high length the elements are difficult to bring down course it hits the diagonal of the lattice girder.


Different with the KAP-Steel-Wave. Even if the area of the wave is quiet big inside the elements depending on the design the placing of the elements is much easier. The starter bars which hit the wave will be bend on side with smaller diameter and bigger diameter stick through the wave.


It is still possible to adjust the wall elements in horizontal direction. Of course it will be better if you place the elements exactly while coming down course any later adjustment will crack the concrete on the surface at the edge.


Like all other systems with lattice girder it is very important to ensure the exact placement of the starter bars. The starter bars must be placed exactly in a vertical direction and also parallel to ensure the structural characteristics in the overlapping area.

If there is any safety caps or bended ends of the starter bars on top it is necessary to remove them before starting assembling.