How to unload the KAP-Steel-Wave?

Unloading the KAP-Steel-Wave is done by a normal forklifter. The KAP-Steel-Wave is delivered on wooden pallets with a weight of round 600 kg. The delivery is till delivery address without unloading. To unload the total truck with 33 pallets you can calculate round one hour.

How is the KAP-Steel-Wave delivered?

Normally the delivery of the KAP-Steel-Wave is done on euro pallets. The delivery is done by a carrier. Unloading the pallets can be done by a fork lifter and will need only a short time.

How many pieces of KAP-Steel-Wave is needed on store?

The KAP-Steel-Wave is available in all sizes from 16 cm up to 100 cm. Independent of the concrete cover normally only one type of KAP-Steel-Wave is necessary.

Which area KAP-Steel-Wave needs on store?

The KAP-Steel-Wave is delivered on wooden pallets. Each pallets needs a space of round about one square meter. It is not possible to store the pallets on top of each other.