How many pieces of KAP-Steel-Wave is needed on store?


The KAP-Steel-Wave is available in all sizes from 16 cm up to 100 cm. Independent of the concrete cover normally only one type of KAP-Steel-Wave is necessary.


The blue KAP-Steel-Wave is mostly used for the large part of double walls. Following the main part of the KAP-Steel-Wave depends only on the proportionally distribution of wall size in your production.


The green KAP-Steel-Wave is used in all exposition classes with restriction on surface with high requirement. This kind of wave most producers have only small amount on store course most kind of such concrete quality isn´t available in the factory.


On top all kind of KAP-Steel-Wave can be ordered also in a water proofed execution. (up till 5 bar hydraulic pressure)


For your calculation of the amount we can give you following reference values:

1 Pallet KAP-Steel-Wave 180 includes 2700 pieces

  Enough up to 1440 sqm

1 Pallet KAP-Steel-Wave 200 includes 2250 pieces

  Enough up to 1200 sqm

1 Pallet KAP-Steel-Wave 250 includes 1800 pieces

  Enough up to 960 sqm

1 Pallet KAP-Steel-Wave 300 includes 1350 pieces

  Enough up to 720 sqm

1 Pallet KAP-Steel-Wave 350 includes 900 pieces

  Enough up to 480 sqm

1 Pallet KAP-Steel-Wave 500 includes 500 pieces

  Enough up to 260 sqm