Which area KAP-Steel-Wave needs on store?

The KAP-Steel-Wave is delivered on wooden pallets. Each pallets needs a space of round about one square meter. It is not possible to store the pallets on top of each other.


If possible the KAP-Steel-Wave should be stored like all other steel parts on a dry and rain covered place. Wetness for a short while isn´t a problem for the KAP-Steel-Wave. Also not if corrosion is visible on the wave. The sticks are from stainless steel. Anyway it is important that the KAP-Steel-Wave is placed in production dry.


To simplify the handling in production it is helpful to place a complete pallet near the production table.


Calculate the necessary space at store vs. the lattice girder as following (as sample a wall with 25 cm size):

7 Pallets KAP-Steel-Wave is similar to a complete truck of lattice girder with 24 to.

The space on store you need for 7 pallets is round 7 sqm. The space on store for the lattice girder is round 28 sqm