What is the KAP-Steel-Wave?

The KAP-Steel-Wave is a new system to connect the two layers of a double wall and to replace the former known lattice girder. The patented form of the wave and the sticks can take high pull out forces. On top the sticks are exactly the size of the wall which will replace also the spacers.


The KAP-Steel-Wave is approved through the EOTA with an European approval. For different kind of buildings different types of waves are available. The KAP-Steel-Wave can be used for a wall size from 16 cm up till 100 cm. For any size in between the waves are available.


The patented form of the sticks prevent from pull out of the concrete and so also the burst of the walls while filling the concrete. The form of the sticks with a double rounded end ensure also the smallest possible point on the production table and is invisible at the surface.


Each wave is very light, easy to handle and health saving in use.