Efficient insulated precast elements






The double (twin) wall


The double wall convinces more than ever and is enjoying a growing popularity. Similar to the floor slabs in the past the use of the double wall is sharply increasing because it substitutes cast- in- place concrete walls. Not only the high surface quality but also through the possibilities of the exact production- and quality control as well as the quick construction process it´s unimaginable to do without the double wall in today´s construction. In particular the high cost-effectiveness and quality characterize the modern double wall.

As a highly flexible system block the double wall is used in business-, industrial-, and commercial buildings for basement walls, floor walls, staircase walls and fire protection walls. In so doing the double wall represents a real alternative to cast-in-place concrete and other types of wall.

 Since a few years the next step of precast wall elements with insulation is on the market. A growing number of construction companies see the advantage in this technology. Insulated double walls are energy saving and with low maintenance costs. On top insulated double walls are structural walls and need no separate frame construction on behind.  

If there is a structural frame construction mostly sandwich wall elements are used. Precast elements with a inside layer, insulation and a facing layer. Also for this kind of precast element the KAP-Thermo-Wave can be used as anchor.


Wave replace lattice girder or anchor

The KAPPEMA technology rise up the worth of a double wall. The wall system made out of the new innovative wave elements optimize the handling in production, simplify the work on construction side and enable working process which wasn´t possible till now. The disadvantage of normal lattice girder is past by using the KAP-Thermo-Wave.

The patented fixing of the stick in the concrete takes all loads out of compression, tensile strength and shear.

It is possible to use all kind of materials for the insulation course for all tests the area of the insulation was not filled.

Stahl-Welle 3-DProduct

The KAP-Thermo-Wave

Technology shown out of simplicity! Kappema steel wave form is made geometric exact out of stainless steel nearly without tolerance.

The wave in connection with the patented sticks is able to take all loads out of wind, thermal extension, weight and filling pressure. As already shown with the KAP-Steel-Wave the opportunity to take high loads out of the filling concrete pressure is one of the main advantage. The specialist can see directly the technical and economical opportunities of this connection.  

The wave is available for every wall and insulation size. Starting with sandwich walls with 20 cm size till up for double walls in 70 cm size. The insulation can be from 5 cm up to 20 cm with any insulation material.

System technology

The difference


In normally used double wall systems the lattice girder stays on the reinforcement mesh or is fixed manually in the single steel bars. Out of the concrete cover the size of the layer is fixed. The KAP-Thermo-Wave has no connection with the reinforcement and is fixed completely in the concrete of the layer. If the concrete cover for the facing layer is 2.5 cm a total size of 6 cm is enough for the layer. Out of this only one type for each wall size is necessary. By using lattice girder the inside concrete cover is according the approval always 17 mm. As the concrete cover can be different it is necessary to have several type of lattice girder for one wall size on store. The resistance against pull out for the stick is much higher than any kind of lattice girder or other connectors on the market. By using the KAP-Thermo-Wave it is nearly not possible to have a wall burst if you handle with care.

In sandwich wall system you save the time consuming working process of fixing the reinforcement single steel bars in the anchor and to connect with the main reinforcement mesh. Only the fixing of the sticks in the concrete is enough to get a frictional connection. For sandwich wall elements the KAP-Thermo-Wave is always fixed completely in the facing layer and with the same length also in the inside layer. The KAP-Thermo-Wave is made symmetric to provide mistakes in production by wrong handling.



In production

The KAP-Thermo-Wave is easy to handle. Starting with the delivery the storage till up to the fitting in production. The KAP-Thermo-Wave will be brought on euro pallet up to 2250 pieces per pallet. The pallet can be unloaded and stored easily with a fork lifter. The KAP-Thermo-Wave is packed in packet with 30 pieces. These packet is course of lightweight easily to carry till the production table by hand.

It is not necessary to cut or to connect the waves. After finishing the reinforcement and concrete fort he facing layer you place the insulation in the material you want on top. By using Styrofoam we recommend the use of our precut insulation elements which are fixing the maximum distance of the wave. Now it is only necessary to push the waves through the insulation. If you use expanding foam the waves can be also placed before you bring in concrete and foam. A connection between reinforcement and wave is not necessary. If a stick gets a collision with the steel bar the curved ends of the sticks enable to go on side or to push away the steel bar.

A big advantage of the punctual connection between the concrete layers is to simplify the fitting of installation parts. Even electro pipes can be taken out of the element between the two layers without damage.

Thanks to the openings for the wave in the insulation elements the production of insulated precast elements become easy like a child´s play. No professional knowledge is necessary. It can happen that you have to cut the form of the wave into the insulation. For this Kappema offer a working table with a burning wave or a simple cutting machine for hand use only to smelt the form into the insulation. The fitting of insulation and wave can be integrate into the work flow that you get only short delay in production.

Finally the wall elements can be demolded like you are used to do and transported to construction side horizontal or vertical.











The most important things in an overview

  • Delivery on euro pallets

  • Quick unloading with fork lifter or by hand in small amount

  • Place saving store

  • Simple transport to the place in production

  • No separate handling of the waves before use

  • No cost intensive holding out of different depth of girders of the same wall thickness

  • Quick fitting of the wave (approx. 2 Minutes for each production table)

  • Merely one employee for the fitting of the KAP-Thermo-Wave necessary (no crane, no equipment)

  • Through the wave form technology the exact shell strength is achieved

  • Configuration of reinforcement has no influence on the KAP-Wave crest

  • No objection of the first shell in the second shell no problem as the wave form technology functions dot-shaped and not linear

  • Subsequent handling between the shells in particular with the second shell is no problem

  • Guaranteed dimensional accuracy guarantee of the strength of the total wall course the wave serves also as spacer (no spacer necessary)

  • No mounting problems on the building site during the starter bars or water stops

  • Less capital commitment through smaller truss choice

  • No investment, occupancy- and maintenance costs for processing of lattice girder

  • Higher pull out resistance => no wall blow-outs

  • Transport possible in horizontal or vertical