The Product:


Technology represented in simplicity! The KAP-ISO-Wave is made from glass fibre composites with geometric precision. The wave, when combined with GRP form sticks, is capable of absorbing high extraction forces, bridging shear forces and ensuring gap interconnection. The wave is inserted into precise preformed insulation elements. This way, the wave is fixed in position and the risk of thermal bridges reduced. Similar to the KAP-Steel-Wave, the KAP-ISO-Wave can withstand very high concreting pressures. The technical and cost saving potential of the KAP-ISO-Wave is recognised by specialists immediately. It is available for wall thicknesses of 30 cm, 35 cm, 40 cm, 45 cm and 50 cm.

The essential difference:

In standard double wall systems with internal heat insulation, the lattice girder penetrates the insulation layer. This results in big thermal bridges in these areas. Using GRP prevents these thermal bridges and at the same time improves the U-value of the entire construction by up to 10%. 20 cm of insulation can achieve an insulation value of 0.15 W/m²K. In order to keep insulation fitting costs in production to a minimum, Kappema developed a range of options. Insulation can be produced in the plant, with extensive use of a cutting robot or you can use the Kappema pre-cut insulation. In this case, the installation grid and position of the KAP-ISO-Wave is already defined. 




For production:
• Delivery on Euro pallets easily unloaded with a forklift
• Space-saving storage and shortened installation procedure
• No treatment of the KAP-ISO-Wave required before installation
• Faster and easier installation with insulation
• Precise wall thicknesses thanks to stick design 
• Secure installation of internal reinforcement layer thanks to predefined distances (bore holes in the waves)
• Shell width can be reduced to 5 cm, regardless of the concrete covering
• Each wall thickness only requires one  wave height
• Installation fitting become significantly easier because access between the shells is possible at all times
• High extraction values mean wall blow outs in the vicinity of the KAP-ISO-Wave are virtually impossible For the construction site:
• No thermal bridges from metal penetration through insulation
• Wall dimensional stability
• Reduced weight thanks to adapted shell thicknesses, at best lower crane costs during assembly
• Approx. 80% higher concrete speed compared to standard lattice girder systems, with the option of increasing these further
• Simplified assembly because the starter bars can penetrate the waves
• Horizonal ducting option for wall installations - Patented Kappema system allows for reinforcement to bridge big gaps at the joints. 



Protecting the environment:

By improving insulation properties and the resulting improvements in insulation, fuel consumption for heating buildings can be reduced by up to 10%. Production of the KAP-ISO-Wave also generates a lot less CO² when compared to other insulated wall systems with metal connectors.