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Kappema was founded in 2005 by 3 individuals who, through a combination of innovation and thorough knowledge of the product, wanted to explore new paths in the precast concrete component industry. In particular, these included the development of different products to improve precast components, including new areas in production technology.


Main shareholder of Kappema is today Oberndorfer Precast from Gunskirchen in Austria. One of the biggest precast producer in Europe.


The development of a mobile production facility for concrete components, for use on construction sites in growth areas and/or inaccessible areas, was an early milestone. This mobile production unit, KAP-CFP (Concrete Field Production) remains a key component of the Kappema range.


Development on an optimised wall connector for insulated double walls began in 2006 in response to requirements concerning heat insulation and climate change. One idea and several attempts later, the patented KAP-ISO-Wave in glass fibre reinforced plastic arrived on the market. Kappema won the 2007 Research and Cooperation award from ACR. Word got around very fast about this product and its outstanding workmanship and heat insulation qualities so further development was the logical next step.


The KAP-Steel-Wave was developed as an alternative to standard double wall connectors. Because this was a completely new approach, the necessary tests and calculations required to gain approval were very extensive. However, the patented KAP-Steel-Wave officially received approval from DIBT in Berlin as a wall connector in 2011. Meanwhile the KAP-Steel-Wave has an european approval since 2015, which allows you to use the KAP-Steel-Wave in all member countries of EOTA. Kappema was one of the first companies in precast industry making such a step. The ETA is above all natinal approval. on top the KAP-Steel-Wave is tested for the use in seismic zones according the Eurocode 8 and TEC.


Development on the KAP-Steel-Wave brings out the KAP-Thermo-Wave which is used in insulated wall elements. It is already tested for the use in sandwich wall elements as well as insulated double wall elements. At the moment the KAP-Thermo-Wave is applied for the ETA to be used all over Europe. The KAP-Thermo-Wave will be the most economical connection on the market for insulated precast elements.


The latest product to join the Kappema family is the stainless steel perforated plate formwork upright. A new way of easily framing cavities in double walls and reducing the amount of work on the construction site. Depending on the material it is called for stainless steel KAP-ELO and for galvanized steel KAP-ZiLO. To simplify the handling in production, Kappema created magnetic holders which can be designed for every production in a perfect way as we use 3D printing technologie.  


Kappema will also continue to cooperate with a wide range of manufacturers throughout Europe developing products which redefine the use and applicability of precast concrete parts. Because Kappema employees come from the precast part industry and develop for the precast part industry.








ICCX Western Europe in Bonn, shifted to 3rd and 4th of November 2021, Stand 76 

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ICCX Southern Europe in Verona  !! Cancelled !!



Engineering Days in Salzburg, 30th of November and 1st of December 2021


You can find us also at ICCX Digital 365. On 15th and 16th of March will be the first live days. You can get us also the next 365 days at our digital boot.




Obituary: On 2 August 2014 Kappema GmbH lost its founder and company director Erich Kastner in a tragic accident. A painful loss for all those who knew him as friend, partner and colleague. Partners and colleagues at Kappema GmbH will forever remember Mr. Kastner with fondness and endeavour to continue to implement his visions and ideas.